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Ferris Wheel

Indoor play item which gives fantastic fun for kids below 12 years.

Special Features:Remote control operation Speed, Direction and operating time, Music and lighting system can be customized.

Safety Features : Adjustable safety belt,stop (On-board and on-remote)

Age: below 12   Maximum weight of user : 40 kg per head    Area Requirement: 10x10x15 ft. (l*w*h)
Power Supply: 220V / 50Hz   Power Required : 1.5 KW

Rodeo Bull

Fun for all ages. Can be used indoor or outdoor.

Special Features : Under auto function, this can be operated as light simulation and hard simulation. Manual Operating system also available Sound, Smoke and red-hot, glowing eyes.

Safety Features : Safety is ensured with high quality sensors and inflated mat

Maximum Weight of User : 100 kg Area Requirement: 15x15x10 ft. (l*w*h) Power Supply: 380V Power Requirement:15Amp,220v,single phase

Bungee Jump

Mixed feeling (fun and excitement), outdoor amusement product

Special Features : High quality, powder coated poles with LED rope lights High elasticity bungee cords with comfortable bungee harness. Automatic playing time indicator. High Quality Bungee mat.

Safety Features : All parts having one-to-one safety allowance. Safety helmets are provided

Age: above 10 Maximum weight of User: 100 kg Area Requirement: 30x30x30 ft (l*w*h)
Power Supply: 220V Power Requirement : 15Amp,220v

Soft PVC-based rides

Indoor amusement equipment, Gives full of fun for kids.

Special Features : Music, lights, glitter and colours creates a glowing atmosphere. Sprays colour all over the kid’s world. Lights, music and speed can be customized..

Safety Features : Emergency stop on-board and on-remote. Can be stopped manually One inch thick, soft mat padded with PVC material Very low voltage, DC lights used for illumination

Age: below 12 Maximum weight of User: 40kg Area Requirement: Depends on Machine Power Supply: 220V Power Requirement : 0.75Kw x4

Coin operated machines

Special Features : Range of Machines All machines creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Safety Features : Depends on Each Machine

Age: This range caters to all ages Maximum weight of User: Depends on Machine
Area Requirement: Depends on machine
Power: Depends on each machine

Play Sets

Special Features : Strong, lightweight Can be moved. Acts as a fully effective playground.

Safety Features : Powder Coated UV Protected Anti-corrosion Cannot be scratched.

Age: below 10 Maximum weight of User: 30kg
Area Requirement: Depends on product